3 Things about Dermaplaning – the treatment that ‘shaves’ your facial hair!

3 Things about Dermaplaning – the treatment that ‘shaves’ your facial hair!

Dermaplaning – the rumours tell us that it exfoliates skin, encourages glow, and removes facial hair aka peach fuzz. AND the tool used? A surgical scalpel! Right. It’s a hot topic, so here are the three things to know about 2020’s cult facial technique.

1 How does it work?

The exfoliating treatment works by scraping dead cells (and fine hairs) from the skin’s surface with a surgical scalpel, moving the tool slowly across the face. It’s an instant skin refresh. How? Build-up of dead skin can make for a ‘dull’ complexion and encourage breakouts (from clogged pores and blocked hair follicles). Hair-removal is sort of a side note, the real resolution is fresher feeling skin, from the exfoliating cleanse. ​

2 How will my skin look?

Pretty great, pretty fast. You’ll likely experience a little redness at first, and your skin may feel drier than usual for a few days, but the downtime post-treatment is seriously minimal. So much so, you could head for a treatment on your lunch break, and be back at work –looking extra glowy. Do make sure to layer up the sun cream though – after exfoliation, your skin is especially susceptible to sun damage.

3 How long do the results last?

For a few weeks, actually (up to four at best). Dermaplaning can remove ‘three weeks worth’ of dead skin cells, meaning a month-long glow should ensue. If you’re a skincare obsessive (welcome, we’re all friends here), then this is the best bit: removing dead cells means products can be absorbed deeper beneath the skin’s surface, more easily, and makeup will apply more evenly, which is ever so important on your big or special days such as weddings or engagements .

At, The Laser Clinique, we have incorporated the Dermaplaning technique into our facials.  Choose from The Red Carpet Facial, Platinum DNA Facial or Luxury DNA Photofacial with a free DNA maintenance kitA full list of treatments can be found here.

The Laser Clinique is a beauty, laser and skin clinic that offers facials, which can be made up of laser carbon peels, microneedling, derma rollers, radio frequency and IPL at Birmingham/Solihull and Chester.  The Laser Clinique has a full breakdown of all the treatments, costs and rices alongside a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

“Book me in”, I hear you cry – you can do that right here!

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