Bespoke Facials, For Everyone!

Bespoke Facials, For Everyone!

Who doesnt love a facial, but now you can incorporate a number of techniques and modalities to create a bespoke facial, specifically suited to your own skin conditions.

What are the treatments you can incorporate?

Laser Carbon Peel – a revolutionary laser dermal extraction & resurfacing procedure where a thin layer of liquid carbon is applied over the face and the laser is used to blast the carbon away, taking all the dead cells, oils and contaminants.   4 times more powerful than a chemical peel! The latest technology in facials and used by top celebrities.

Dermaplaning – an exfoliation procedure requiring the use of a surgical scalpel to gently remove the skins topmost layer of dead skin and vellus hair; aka peach fuzz.

Pro-collagen Radio frequency Skin Tightening– an aesthetic procedure that uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin with the purpose of stimulating cutaneous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Perfect for tightening and lifting the skin!

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) rejuvenation– an intense pulse light procedure that penetrates through to the dermis layer of the skin without harming the epidermis layer to treat wrinkles, ages spots, sun damage or just brighten your skin!

Non-Ablative Fractional Laser – a gentle laser resurfacing process whereby a laser beam penetrates through to the dermis layer of the skin targeting and heating the tissue in a controlled manner to rejuvenate skin and stimulate collagen production leaving your skin visibly brighter!

Lymphatic detox drainage – a detox using massage and specific tools to stimulate facial lymph nodes to give your skin’s natural detox process a boost and restore balance.

Sonic cleanse -a gentle but effective cleansing process whereby the bristles on the head massage the skin at a precision tuned sonic frequency that dislodges impurities deep in the pores.

Micro-needling – a derma roller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin to generate new collagen and skin tissue

Calming Hyaluronic Hydrating Mask- an intensely hydrating and calming sheet mask with added hyaluronic acid and a choice of nutrients specifically designed to meet your skin concerns is applied, to help maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance & feel nourished. We work with DNA Facials to use serums that work specific to your needs.

Ultra-sonic infusion – a procedure where ultrasonic vibrations are used to disrupt the skin barrier to allow deeper infusion of skin care products.

Dermal Layering – involves nourishing your skin and drenches it in moisture, with a mix of potent antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides and multi-peptides to support collagen, leaving your skin soft and plump with moisture.

Creating your Bespoke Facial?

There are a number of key factors before deciding on the correct course of treatment, however there is a facial for everyone.

Whether your skin tone is Dull, Uneven, Oily, Sensitive, Dry, Combination or Acne Prone or have any areas of concerns such as Acne Scarring, Uneven skin tone, Rosacea, Dull Skin, Age spots, Blackheads & Whiteheads, Congested skin, Reduce & Tighten enlarged pores, Anti Ageing, Removal of vellus hair and Wrinkles & fine lines.

The facials are suited for all skin types using the fitzpatrick skin scale of 1-6, which includes Pale white skin, Fair skin, Darker white skin, Light brown skin, Brown skin and Dark brown or black skin.

For all treatment and price breakdowns, you can visit the website and you can book your first appointment or a free consultation online.

The Laser Clinique has two clinics based in Chester and Birmingham / Solihull.

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